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Ben Miskelly, AICP

Planning Manager





2134 Belle Chase

Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732


Clemson University

Bachelor's of Landscape Architecture - 2011

My Planning Journey...

I grew up in a very small, very rural town past the suburbs of Charlotte. Sharon, South Carolina was one of those places that was known as a town just because there was a post office. Growing up there I learned from a young age that I was fascinated with urban environments and how people interact with them. From working with a small town engineering firm all throughout high school and college I quickly realized the urban planning tract of landscape architecture was my calling. I love my career and I love thoughtful planning. I believe that good planning and design can overcome opposition and can lead to each place being special. 


Throughout my career I have tried to be thoughtful with where I work, what I work on, and how I design sites. For the most part I have been blessed with great employers, thoughtful clients, and interesting projects. 

Work Experience

March 2020 - Current
ESP Associates
Department Manager

April 2016 - March 2020
Land Planning Project Manager

November 2014 - April 2016
Smith Gee Studio

Senior Land Planner

April 2012 - November 2014
Metro Nashville Planning Department

Land Planner II

August 2004 - May 2010
Joel E. Wood and Associates 

Land Planner 

I manage the Planning Departments in both the Fort Mill Office (Corporate) and Nashville including business development, staffing, project management, and light production work. Projects range from private sector single family residential entitlement projects to public sector parks master plans.  I created the Nashville Department at the onset of Covid and have grown it to a team of five planners and three support engineers.  

Project Breakdown: 

75% Private Sector (50% Single Family, 35% Townhomes,15% Commercial)

25% Public Sector (40% Parks, 30% Greenways, 30% Federal Housing)

Reason for Leaving - Just overall dissatisfaction: It is increasingly harder to market ESP when changes aren't willing to be made with branding, recruiting, and staffing issues.  

I worked as a Land Planning Project Manager in between the Land Development (Civil Engineering) and Landscape Architecture teams. Led private sector entitlements and public sector community improvement districts across the southeast. I was responsible for team members in both Nashville and Atlanta. 

Project Breakdown: 

50% Private Sector (40% Single Family, 40% Townhomes, 20% Mixed Use)

50% Public Sector (60% Improvement Districts, 40% Master Plans)

Reason for Leaving - Relocation to Charlotte (delayed due to covid) and no real role for land planning due to team structure 

I produced all rezoning and entitlement projects across the Nashville and Huntsville regions. Firm specialized in urban infill projects with a focus on Townhomes and Multi-family developments. I assisted the planning team in Public Sector pursuits across disciplines.  

Project Breakdown: 

80% Private Sector (60% Townhomes, 20% Multi-family, 20% Mixed Use)

20% Public Sector (100% Master Plans)

Reason for Leaving - Relocation to Atlanta 

 I reviewed designs per city ordinances and codes and created development scenarios when appropriate. I worked on the City's comprehensive plan by creating documents and graphics as well as leading community meetings. I handled design based consultations with applicants and the community. I also wrote and reviewed form-based codes and standards.

Project Breakdown: 

100% Public Sector

Reason for Leaving - Desire to work on Private Sector work

 I created single-family subdivision plans for local developments as well as provided landscape plans for all civil submittals. Produced plans and delivered them to municipalities. 

Project Breakdown: 

100% Private Sector

Reason for Leaving - Desire to work in larger market, not hiring during the recession. 

What I'm Looking for...

Regardless of where I land or what I work on I want to make an impact. My oldest daughter once summed up my job as - "Daddy makes places for people." I love seeing growth in our industry and love opportunities to teach the community about how good planning and design. I'm comfortable taking projects from start of acquisition all the way to fully entitled and enjoy every step of the process. 

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